Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The highlight of my day

This week I've got Murphy, our four month old puppy, with me in Abilene because he's being neutered here. I took him this morning to the vet and it was so sad for me to leave him there until tomorrow afternoon. Clint gave him a pep talk though, and told him that all the girls dogs would still like him. What a good dad!

Well, the highlight of the day came yesterday as I came home from a group project. I didn't have time to put up the dog gate between the kitchen where Murphy was, and the rest of the house so I hurrily pushed our old couch between the two rooms thinking Murphy surely couldn't get out.

I came back home after about an hour and a half to no Murphy in the kitchen. At this point I figured out that he was strong enough to jump the couch allowing himself to roam free of our little apartment. As I call Murphy's name he comes running down the stairs, but something is noticeably different about him. Anywhere his little body was white, is now bright PINK!

Murphy had chewed the entire plastic outter shell of a pink highlighter and had just the ink stick in his mouth when he came bouncing down the stairs. His snout was pink, his paws were pink, his tongue was pink, his entire body had pink streaks all throughout. Although it's difficult to keep Murphy in our little apartment by myself, he definately adds entertainment!

Luckily with a cold bath and lots of shampoo, most of the pink came out, but not all. This morning when I took him out, his little poo poo was even pink! The nurses at the vet today definately got a kick out of my pink beagle!


mary beth said...

kat, that is hilarious! what a great story :)

JENNY said...


How cute and funny! That makes me want a dog even more now.

We'll be in Dallas this weekend and I can't wait! Love and miss you!

Allison said...

Hey Mrs. Burns! Thanks for posting a comment! It was great hearing from you. I am glad to be able to read your blog now and catch up on what you are doing these days. I must admit that I had to look up Tulia on the map though to see where it was yall were located! After living here in Plano, a part of me would love to up and move to a small town.

A bit of advice....1st comes the puppy then comes a BABY so be ready! At least that is what happened to us. HA! Im only kidding, but really being a mommy is the BEST! I highly recommend it!! Keep in touch and tell Clint hello!