Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Pictures

Clint and I got a new digital camera for Christmas, I know we're a little behind, but I'm super excited to get to post pictures on here now. So here's a few from the holidays...Enjoy!
This is me in my new ski coat, I may not know how to ski that well, but at least I'll look cute!
Mine and Clint's stockings hung with care. Murphy, our dog, has a stocking too.
My family came over on Friday night and Clint and I cooked a great meal. I decorated my table up for the special occasion with all my wedding stuff.
This is my dorky husband hugging our Christmas tree. Don't ask me why his shirt is buttoned all the way up, but at least the tree is a bit taller than Clint right?


Allison said...

We have the same dishes, Kat! Great taste! Love the pictures...keep them coming!

Rosalyn said...

Kat....Merry Christmas! I love the pics...hope you are you Ros