Thursday, January 12, 2006

A tough job

My blogging among other things has been on hiatus due to a terrible cold, quite possibly the flu, that I've been battling for about a week now. As some of you know I've decided to sub in Tulia until I find a full time job here. I subbed in Abilene during my last semester and it was an easy job that made decent money.

Subbing was great in Abilene. It was all done with a computer system. I would call in to the computer, it would tell me the available jobs and I would accept one all over the phone. I would know the night before what school I was going to, who I was subbing for, and what I would be teaching. Tulia is quite different. I got all my papers in last Wednesday and the lady told me, just wait for your first call now.

My first call came Friday morning at 7:35am. Of course I was still in bed, but I picked up the phone thinking that a teacher would need me that afternoon. The middle school secretary said, "Do you want to work today?" I asked her if she meant like right then, that morning. She said, yes school starts at 8, I'll see you then.

The next 15 minutes were mad chaos at my house. Clint didn't know what had happened. Suprisingly enough I left the house at about 7:50 and I looked pretty cute too. I checked into the office and she told me where to go, I still had no idea what I was teaching.

I get into the classroom, many of the students were already seated, and I make my way up to the teachers desk. Guess what I'm'll never believe it. My first sub job was to teach 7th graders Sex Education. Sex education....I can't even say some of those words without turning red and you expect a 7th grader to take me seriously.

The highlight of the day was during 2nd period when a boy from our youth group walked into the class, and just blankly stared at me. He couldn't grasp that I was his substitute, especially in a class like that. I went back on Monday for the same teacher and luckily they were taking a test that day so I didn't have to say any of the words. Tomorrow I'm subbing for the band director...can't I get any of the normal subjects?


JENNY said...

I can't believe you had to teach sex-ed and that one of your church members was in the class. haha! how awkward and hilarious. You always have the best stories. Love you!

Kenli Shea said...

Oh to be in your sex ed class the day you subbed, love it.

ewall said...

Kat! i love you. i just do, i wish i could see you and give you a big hug!

i'm sorry to hear about the loss of your husband to the world of college basketball--if there is anyone to lose your husband too, jj redick is pretty good, right? :)

i love to hear about how you guys are doing in tulia and can't wait to hear more!

Katie said...

I miss you! I love it that you had to teach Sex Ed...I just got done taking the Sex class in Jan. Short course...interesting! Love you a lot.