Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The After Shots

I know that you've been anxiously awaiting the after pictures of our house, so here they are! The angles are a little different than the before shots, but they are basically the same rooms...just redone! We're still trying to add decorations here and there, but it definately feels like home now. Enjoy your week. First shot of living room
Second shot of living room and fire place
First shot of kitchen
Second shot of kitchen...I love red!
Third view of kitchen
First shot of guest room
Second shot of guest room...this is where the huge leak was, but it's all fixed now!
Our bedroom...my favorite room in the house
Second view of our bedroom
Our bathroom...we completely gutted it and had it redone...its small...but brand new!
Second view of bathroom...its a tight fit for Clint!


Mom said...

Hey Sweetie -

We did a good job with our painting - it looks good in the pictures. It looks totally different from the first day we saw it (and smells better too!).
Love you, MOM :)

JENNY said...

So cute! I love your bedroom- I don't think I have seen your new furniture- I love it! And, I love the green color! You guys did a great job- I hope we can see it soon.

mary beth said...

what a cute house, kat!! you did such a great job :)

Kenli Shea said...

Forget Ty Pennington and extreme home makeover. You are great. I know your mom helped good job.

ewall said...

kat, the house looks so great! you guys did such a great job on it! blessings to you, miss you friend!