Friday, October 20, 2006

Big News!!!

I can't keep the secret any's the long story (it's too good to keep it short)

As you know Clint and I moved to Tulia last July after Clint decided he wasn't liking grad school, and that he was ready for full time ministry. His heart has always been in pulpit ministry, but we accepted a job in Tulia for youth ministry. We dove right into our small church and community. We love the kids here and have made some of the best friends we could find.

Fast forward to this past July. Clint came home from Kadesh at ACU with many different things in his head. We sat down and he began to tell me how he could now see how grad school could help him in the future. We also agreed that we like living in a larger community, and Tulia has only 5,000 people and one grocery store. So...we started looking. We put Clint's youth ministry resume into several other churches in bigger cities, but we kept getting the same response....each church liked what Clint had to say, but we were too young. It was an understandable response, but we kept getting frustrated. One church even mentioned that they thought Clint might be better suited for preaching. They hit the nail on the head.

Fast forward to this September. Still doing a lot of thinking and praying, Clint and I went to ACU lectureship. It was a great time for both of us, and the start to our future. While we were there, Clint was bombarded with the question if he was coming back to grad school. He gave the same answer to most, explaining that we didn't know really what was going on, but that was definately an option.

Friday afternoon, I went to visit Linds Hall in the admissions office, just to catch up and visit with her. She told me about an admissions counselor opening and that I should think about applying. I left her office a few minutes later, only to recieve a phone call from Lindsey's boss asking to speak to me about the position. I went in and talked to the boss (really it was my first interview), and then left her office ready for my second interview on Monday. I stayed an extra day to have the second interview. We left Abilene trying to think about what had just happened. Had I really just applied for a job, really without knowing it? Things were crazy, and we had no clue what was going to happen next.

We got back to Tulia, and started praying even harder! If this was what we were supposed to do, then we wanted it to be extremly clear. The next week I got a call from the admissions office wanting me to do some tests and that sort of thing. They invited me to come back to Abilene and give a final presentation to their entire staff. My mom and I went down to Abilene two weeks ago, I visited with the other admissions counselors, gave my presentation, and left Abilene not knowing a thing. Clint and I were still in shock about what was happening and that everything was happening so quickly!

I got the call this Monday and accepted ACU's offer! So, starting November 6th, I'm the new admissions counselor for ACU. I'm thrilled! Clint will begin going to school again for his MDIV in January. We couldn't be more excited. It's obvious that the Lord had a hand in our future. If Clint wants to be a pulpit minister, that MDIV is necessary. It's a great time in our lives to do this as well...we don't have kids, we're still young enough to fit into the college scene, and we've been in full time ministry and understand now how that education will help us.

We've told our elders at our church and will tell our kids on Sunday. Many people in the community already know because it really is difficult to live in a small town and keep secrets. I'm not sure how the youth group will take it, but I'm confident that we are making the right decision. It's an open door and we would be foolish not to walk through it. Be in prayer for our weekend!

I'll update later this week on our feelings and more about my position. It's so exciting to see God at work in our lives. I would have never imagined that this is where we would end up, but the Lord has been faithful, and we are thankful for this faithfulness to us through this entire process. Blessings on your weekend!


ewall said...

Kat!!!! This is great news! Congratulations and praise God for how this has all worked out! i'm really excited for you guys. You are going to be so great at that job (yeah for Linds Hall, huh?) and will get to work with great people, and Clint gets to go back to school, man this is awesome. I'm really excited for you, and will be in prayer for you this weekend. love you my not-overrated friend :)

C Henley said...

Hooray! I have been checking your blog like 50 times a day waiting for this post! I'm so excited for you two...what a blessing! And how good will you be at that job! That's a perfect "Kat" job:)

codyblair said...

I'm happy for you guys and this new phase of your life. It's so cool to hear how clear the Lord made this path for you. And even though I'm sure there are still questions floating in your hearts, how great is it to know the one that holds all those answers. Blessings to you and Clint

Katie said...

Kat! I'm so excited! I knew you would get it! Can we be friends again since we'll live in the same town? Love ya!

Chelsie said...

Congrats! Welcome back to Abilene!!

Allison said...

CONGRATS!!! You will love your job cause you get to work with my favorite person EVER...DARBY!!! What a great new chapter in your life this will be!