Sunday, March 18, 2007

If anyone is still reading...

I'm not sure if anyone still reads....but I'm going to try harder at this blogging thing. Here's the deal Tulia I had loads of time on my hands and plenty of interesting stories to tell. Here in Abilene I don't get many free moments, and nothing quite as funny or interesting happens here....I'm mean there's not that many people or situations to make fun of any more. Tulia was filled with those situations.

I'm still loving my job. Since January, I've traveled to Atlanta, Albuquerque, Amarillo and Lubbock for recruiting events. It's been quite the adventure in each city, and I really enjoy seeing families chose ACU. When I hear students tell me that they have chosen a different university it really does break my heart sometimes. We're selling something that's intangible and it's difficult for families to see what their student could really get at ACU...but that's life I guess. I can't wait for these students that have chosen ACU to be here and see what we're all about...they'll love it!

Clint has started preaching at a very small congregation in Cottonwood Texas. It's about 40 miles Southeast of Abilene and has about 8 weekly members. This week my parents were in town and we had some visitors so we blew attendance out of the water with a whopping 15 people. They didn't even have enough cups for communion prepared. Clint teaches Bible class, leads singing and does the sermon...he's a one stop shop. The singing today was awful, and it makes Clint and me laugh so much, but the people are so genuine. They already love Clint and are so gracious to help Clint grow into the preacher he desires to be. I want to take some pictures of the church building next week to prove to you all how small it really is. It's cute though...and we're thankful.

Even though I didn't win the little weight loss challenge I was in with a few girls here, I'm still working out and really changing my eating habits. I love working out when one of my favorite TV shows is on...the other night while watching Grey's I looked down and had been on the elliptical for over an hour! It's easy to work out when you're distracted!

Well...that's it for now. All of you keep posting because I still enjoy reading yours! Oh and who wants to teach me how to get my blog looking cute...mine's still the old boring stuff! Leslie, come teach me! Have a great week!


Mr. Mayo said...

I'm still reading Kat. I'm glad you came to Abilene and so is Leslie.

Mom said...

I'm still reading! Had fun this weekend!! Let's do it again really soon! I miss you and love you guys.

ewall said...

Kat, I am definitely still reading! I love you friend and am glad to hear from you and how you guys are doing!

Allison said...

I check your blog everyday! :) So you need to be better!....I know I need to take my own advice too!

I hear you on working out while a good show is on. There is NO cardio for me unless I can be very much distracted!!! You are so lucky to have people to workout with. I am jealous! :)

I am sure Clint is doing an amazing job! He has so much God-given talent! I can't wait to see where yall are in like 10 years! WOW!!!