Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm spoiled

I celebrated my 25th birthday on Monday. I thought I would feel older since I'm mid way through my twenties....but nothing yet. I'm just the same. This really was one the best birthdays I've ever had. The girls kept talking about going to Prime Time on Sunday night. Prime Time is this great new place in Abilene...I went along with the plan just because I wanted to have fun that night. Needless to say, when we walked in to the restaurant all of my favorite Abilene people were there waiting for me. I think this is my first surprise party ever....thanks, Linds! Here's a pic of everyone after we ate dinner...they made me do the Kojie I doing it right? This was after all the fun we had...notice we're sweaty and red faced!

We got to play laser tag all together. The only rule in during the game was no running...well I think that's the most I've run in a long time! It was so fun....everyone scored in the triple digits...except two people. You guess who.
We also played miniature fun!

So....then I got another huge surprise last night from Clint. He took me on a wonderful date in down town Abilene and then gave me the best gift ever. If you'll remember Clint and I were high school sweethearts. Right before I came to ACU, Clint gave me a small diamond promise ring. Once we got engaged, I didn't wear the ring anymore. Clint ended up finding the ring and put the diamond in a necklace for me....SO SWEET! I love it, and cherish the time and effort he put into making this day so perfect!
I'm off to Amarillo next week for recruiting and then Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving...oh and the cold front came in today...yessss!


Allison said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am so glad you had such a fun night! AND MR. ROMANTIC CLINT!!! WHat more can I say??? What a special gift.

Chelsie said...

Great Kojie pop out! And way to Clint!!

JENNY said...

Looks like fun! And, that was so sweet of Clint!!!!

Kenli Shea said...

As for the last post, you totally cheated-admit it. HAPPY BDAY!!!! Wish I could have been at the party it looks like you guys had fun.