Saturday, March 01, 2008

this one's for you, Katie

I really couldn't stand that sing song picture being the first thing people see on my blog so I decided to post again. And...Katie, you're's been a while. To tell you the absolute truth, I just haven't had time to blog. It's been the last thing on my mind.

Sigma Gata Kai is currently in season this time. We just finished regular season play with 3 wins and 1 loss. The one loss was against the ACU JV really...and they take pride in playing in the recreational league of intramurals. One time, in the 5th grade, I got a technical foul for pushing a girl...the refs said it was intentional...I said I had no other option. Anyway, I found myself having no other options in this game as well. Luckily, no technical fouls were called, but my body was black and blue the next day. Awesome.

So...not much else is going on. But, to make this post worth something I'm going to share a few sentimental thoughts. If you'll remember my new year's post...I know you all read it...I wanted my "feeler" side to come out more. So...I'm making it come out. I've always mentioned the great group of friends I have here in Abilene, but I don't think I've really ever shared what they really do mean to here goes.

When Clint and I were thinking about moving away from Tulia, I distinctly remember saying to him that moving back to Abilene was not appealing to me at all. I did not want to do that. Three weeks after that comment I was interviewing for the job at ACU. Little did I know, Abilene was the PERFECT move for us. I quickly rekindled friendships with girls here and of course, added some new ones to the list.

So...Lindsay, Katie, Johnna, Brenna, Leslie, Holly, and Amanda..this one's for you. My favorite thing about this little group is how we celebrate life together. I love that all of us were there for Cora and Claire's we celebrated Riley's first birthday...oh and Norm's too. I love that all of us know who pink shirt is and completely understand the need for a blizzard.

I really love how we plan trip after trip together, but not a single one has actually happened. I love truth or truth. I love Red Robin, their hamburgers and fries...but most of all the company. I love that Lind's office is 20 feet from mine, but we still call each other at least 20 times a day.

I love that we graduated up to 8 years ago and still play intramurals...I really think this is just an excuse to see each other more. I love how we can talk about our husbands, our frustrations, our dreams and just life. I love Andy, Bevin, Tessa, Brad, DeAnna and Jenni...oh and I really love the desserts Amanda would have for us every week.

This could be borderline cheesy, but it's ok. Here's to the next 10 years in Abilene...everyone in???


Katie said...

guess who is tearing up.
love you kat! and thanks for putting my name in the title! woohoo!

mrs. mayo said...

I'm totally in. I love you girl!

Amanda said...

I'm in! We're already excited that baby Pittman is going to have 7 moms to laugh at it - and love on it. We're so thankful you and Clint are here.