Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 months!

I promise to post something more than a monthly update on Graham....later, though!  I want to make sure we're recording these milestones and so far, this blog has been the best option.  But in all seriousness, there's much to update you on in the Burns' household...just later, like I said!

 Graham is now 10 months old...how can that be!  He's just as awesome as ever.  He's still sleeping thru the night, taking 2 naps each day, eating solid foods, taking 2 bottles a day, talking, playing and being so so cute!
 He can say dada, mama, and I think he tries to say ball and dog...they sound the same right now!  He LOVES dogs.  He loves our dog, our sitters dog...just loves them.  He's crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.  He'll be walking soon, I know it!
 He still has the most bluest of eyes you've ever seen.  We can't go anywhere without someone commenting on how blue his eyes are.  I sure hope they stay that way.  He's got some blonde blonde hair too...and it's curly!  I may have put gel in it the other day just to see what it would do...sure enough...curls! 
 He's got 8 teeth and you know he's getting another tooth when he does what we call, "strong man."  Pictured below.  He flexes his little muscles and grinds his teeth.  It's hysterical. 
 It's HOT in Altus...like hottest place on Earth.  So...we embrace living in OK by getting naked (just G), and swimming in the back yard.  He LOVES it.  And especially LOVES when he gets a popsicle too.  My goodness, I could eat him up.
 We had VBS at church this month and G loved it.  I was the MC for it and he would just sing along with me from the back pew...it was precious. 
 Even more precious though was mommy and me swim lessons with our friends, Kooper and Elle.  He loved swimming and would just squeal with delight every class.  How cute are these babes in their little swimsuits! 
Graham has blessed our lives beyond measure.  I can't believe we almost have a one year old!  More later about Graham's mommy and daddy! 

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