Wednesday, August 29, 2012

11 months

Oh goodness, my sweet boy is 11 months old.  Next month, we have a one year old.  Gosh.  Let's not talk about it too much...I'll cry.  Graham is at such a fun age.  He's really interacting with people and it's so fun to watch his little personality come out.  He met some new friends in Abilene last week and everyone just kept asking, "is he always this calm and chill?"  Yes, he is.  I don't know how lucky I am. He's got Clint Burns in him for sure. 
Although we don't know exactly how much he weighs, I'm betting about 25 pounds.  He had lost a few pounds due to crawling, but I bet we've gained those back.  He's still the youngest in the church nursery, but the biggest.  I'm sure this is how life will be for him.
 He's so close to walking.  He can stand by himself for a good 20-30 seconds if you let him and he doesn't get distracted.  Sometimes, he'll look at you while he's standing and you can tell by the look on his face, he's impressed with himself!  He'll walk all over the house with his walkers so I know he's close.  Not sure if I want that day to come quite yet!
 He is a little jabber monkey!  He can say dada, momma, baby and we're working on ball and dog.  If you pick him up, he'll point to wherever he wants to go or whatever he wants.  Once he's there or gets it, he'll just jabber to himself.  I wish I knew what he was thinking!  He's a pretty good eater.  His favorites are definitely bananas.  The boy will eat a whole banana in a minute flat.  He just shovels it in.  He's pretty much on all table foods now too.  I occasionally give him baby food since we've still got some and it's quick and convenient. 
 See the pointer.  He LOVES pictures of himself.  Every morning when he wakes up we have to go look at every single picture in our house.  Most days it's cute....but sometimes when he wakes at 5:30 it's not so cute!  He still goes to bed by 7:30 and sleeps until 6:30.  He takes 2 good naps throughout the day still.  I'll milk that for as long as I can! 
 Meet strong man.  He does this on cue now and he thinks he's so funny.  He'll do it in church, in the grocery store...wherever.  And when people laugh, he'll just do it again.  It's hysterical and makes me laugh every single time. 
 He's just as sweet as ever and I cannot wait to begin the journey of staying at home with him.  I still have my freak out moments of...what have I could I have possibly quit my job, but I'm trusting that the Lord will continue to provide for our family.  Graham is such a JOY and I do not want to forget this special time with him.  Next month...a one year old.  CRAZY!

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Kelli said...

Kat, he is just precious! What a beautiful little boy! It is amazing how quickly the time flies.

The decision to stay home is a tough one, and I won't lie, there were days (at the beginning when P was tiny) where I thought, this is too hard, I should go back to work. ha! But it is such a blessing and a joy. You will never regret that you took this time to serve your family. Clint and Graham are so blessed to have you!!!