Monday, September 24, 2012

One whole year!

How is this even possible?  Graham is one year old?!?!?!  My goodness.  Everyone always says that children grow up fast....gosh, Graham's first year flew by.  We had a fun few days for him.  First, Clint and I took him to get his first donut when he woke up on Friday.  He LOVED it!
 We took a candle and all.  I love his expression in this picture.  He wanted the donut, but wasn't too sure about the candle.  Everyone in the donut shop was precious too.  They all sang happy birthday to him and one man even gave him two dollars!  We bought him ice cream with it later. 
 He just shoveled that donut in like he'd done it a million times.  So so cute.  I'm so blessed by this little boy and am so blessed to be his momma. 
 Graham is on full milk bottles.  He eats three meals a day and two snacks.  He's ALL BOY when it comes to eating.  Here's a typical day for him.  Breakfast: half a bagel, cup of blueberries and strawberries, milk.  Snack: Juice and Banana.  Lunch: A whole peach, a whole peanut butter sandwich, carrots, milk.  Snack: Yogurt.  Dinner: A whole zucchini, mac and cheese, cantaloupe and kiwi, milk.  He eats just as much as I do! 
 He's great at sleeping through the night.  Still going strong with 2 naps and is on a great schedule. 
 Sure, I want to record all of Graham's stats and such, but more importantly, I want to remember how precious Graham is right now.  He's sweet, super sweet.  He wakes up happy and laughing.  And he jabbers ALL DAY LONG.  He's got four tricks right now...strongman, churning the butter, yaaay, and telling you he's one (pics to come). 
 This year of my life had been pure joy.  Sure, it's hard at times, but Graham is worth it.  My first month of a stay at home mom has been just priceless.  I love that I know him so intimately.  I'll know how his day went and I'll know if he had any rough patches.  I know this isn't an option for some, and that's totally ok.  I'm blessed that it's an option for us and pray that it will continue to be so. 
 Graham, being your momma is my most favorite job I've ever done.  You are fun, silly, sensitive, curious, courageous, feisty, and oh so lovable.  You are my favorite boy and I wouldn't trade you for any other son.  I'm so proud of you and cannot wait for many more birthdays. 
 We had a fun fun circus party for his first birthday.  I'll post pictures of that next post. 
 We love you (baby) Graham!

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