Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quick Pics

Just a few pictures off my phone from the last few weeks.  We've got to see my mom and sister for the past 3 weekends...lots of fun cousin time.  And a little spoiling in there too!
 Caroline DID NOT want her picture taken.  The kids looked so cute for church, but this is all we could get! Ha!
 ReeRee's and her sweet babies.  It was COLD outside and ReeRee's had just bought the kids these sweet vests.  What a bunch!
Me and my precious boy.  He kept the hat on most of the day...which surprised me!  Once he took it off though, he had some major hat hair!   
Look at this little baby shark!   We play in our Halloween costume every so often so he's used to it by Halloween.  What a cutie!


Ashley said...

Cute! I know your mom LOVES being a grandma!!

ReeRees said...

Love this post - and love those babies! Ashley is right - I love being a grandma!!!! :)