Monday, August 26, 2013

Kadesh 2013

We were so blessed this year to attend ACU Leaderships again!  We had missed the two previous summers because of little Graham, but we were ready to go back!  It was such a great week.  Clint lead a group of college freshman and I just got to be around and experience Kadesh with Graham.  Graham was quick to find his friend, Cora, who he adored all week!  He'd wake up in the mornings asking for Cora, Bob (Strader), and Jesus (more on that later). 
 Graham and I got to experience lots of fun things in Abilene too.  We were constantly busy and we both had a ball!  We went to the Grace Museum, the Abilene Zoo, Target, Hobby Lobby (yes, those are meaningful trips since we don't live in a town with them), and swimming in the ACU Rec Center.  It was such a great week for Graham, too!

 Goodness, the picture below just melts my heart.  I stood there in worship just reflecting on all my worship times at Kadesh.  My first year as a Kadesh camper, I sat in those devotionals broken hearted because Clint had just broken up with me!  (Don't worry, it all worked out!)  I remember my precious time as a counselor and how meaningful Kadesh worship was then, too.  Now, as an adult...with a, it was a sweet sweet time.  I only pray that Graham will get to have similar experiences as Clint and I had. 
 Every morning, we HAD to go see Willie the Wildcat.  We'd make our way into the KidQuest room and Graham would run through 50 KidQuest campers just to get to Willie, he adored him. 

 Here's the Jesus story.  Every morning Clint and I read out of "Jesus Calling."  Graham likes to flip through it and find the picture of "big Jesus," as he calls him.  It's just a picture of Jesus with long hair and a cross.  It's cute to hear Graham say, "There's Jesus!"  So.....we get to camp and during our first leaders meeting Graham spots Andrew Lang, the counselor below. Graham says to me, "Momma, Jesus!"  I say...."Graham, that IS Jesus!"  Andrew comes over and sweetly talks with Graham.  I clue him in that Graham thinks he's Jesus!  Then...cutest moment ever....Andrew is eating a cookie and Graham says, "Momma, Jesus eats cookies!"  Oh, melt my heart.  Andrew and I both could NOT handle it.  So, all week Graham would spot Andrew and say, "There's Jesus!"  We had to get a picture taken with him, but Graham got all shy when he got in his lap....I guess I might have too if I were in the lap of Jesus!
 Our youth group loved Kadesh!  And I was soooo glad!  We took 5 kids this year, but I know more and more will continue to come.  On the last day of camp, Clint baptized one of our sweet guys.  They had great stories to share and were thankful of their time at camp.  I got to speak at Kadesh on Monday night--it was actually my first time!  Overall, it went ok.  I criticize myself easily and know I could have spoken more slowly, said a few things differently etc....but I felt like my message was exactly what the Lord wanted me to share.  I probably gained more from sharing than any of the teens did from listening. have Clint who brings down the house every time he opens his mouth at camp.  I love the story he shared, love hearing him speak and love watching him in his element at Kadesh.  Goodness, we were blessed by just 5 days in Abilene.  CANNOT wait to go back next year!

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Chelsie Sargent said...

Love that first picture! Glad we got to hang out that week. Here's to many more!