Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hay Day VBS 2013!

We had a great VBS this year!  It was my first "official" time to be in charge of it.  Other years we had a committee in charge, but since the church offered me the job of Children's Coordinator, this was my first year to plan it myself.  Since Altus is a farming community, I chose the curriculum, Hay Day VBS.  It was a great success and I'll let the pictures do most of the talking :)
 It was so fun to be the song leader, skit leader etc. for each evening.  I had some help from Sunflower Sam, the kids LOVED him.  He's a local farmer in town (a pretty good one, too), but he played the part of the farmer who didn't know how to farm.  He was great!
 The two evenings consisted of crafts, snack, games and the Bible lesson. 

 On the final night, we invited all the children's families to join us for, "A County Fair."  It was complete with hot dogs, watermelon, a petting zoo, hay rides, bobbing for apples, seed spitting contest, pie eating contest and lots of great fellowship.  Such a great way to end VBS!
 Oh-and turtle races!  How fun!
 And yes, my son and his BFF, Elle, got IN the pins with the animals.  Silly kids. 


Chelsie Sargent said...

Well done, Kat! So cute and fun.

Kelley said...

HI! My name is Kelley and I'm looking for Group's VBS Hay Day materials. Would you have any used or left over materials you would be interested in selling? Please let me know. My email is

Kelley said...
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