Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oh corn!

Simply stated: Everyone in Tulia is a farmer and I'm not kidding. Since the day we arrived in Tulia we've been offered fresh corn about three times every day. I guess its Tulia's way of showing hospitality. But since we don't have our own place yet, it's difficult to accept each bag of corn we have recieved. Tonight was family night at the church, only meaning there was a meal before the service and you'll never believe what was served....CORN! There was corn in the stew, there was corn bread, I've never seen so much corn!

On a lighter note, the people here in Tulia are jewels. They have taken care of us like we are blood relatives. Each and everyone of the members has asked us numerous times how they can help with the renovations of our home and if we need a place to stay in the mean time. Tonight we were asked to house sit for the weekend for one of the farmers....we had to turn him down because of our current house sitting. Luckily we could turn him down otherwise I would be bottle feeding a brand new calf....just picture that!


JENNY said...


Have you and Clint found corn in your "you know what" since you've been in Tulia? just wondering....
Well, I'm glad you are liking it so much. It sounds like the people are great and are so excited you are there. I can't wait to see your place and church! I miss and love you.


ewall said...

Kat Burns! what up! I love you so stinkin' much. I'm sitting in the PUMP house right now! Ahhh! I'm so excited for you and clint and can't wait to continue hearing about this new adventure for you both! send me your address when you get a chance. blessings to you dear friend--


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie -

They are gonna make a country girl out of my city princess before you know it! Next thing I know you'll be wanting some new overalls instead of those Gap jeans you love so much! Ha ha!

Love you, MOM