Saturday, August 06, 2005

Be our guest

Last night Clint and I had our first guests over. I'm not sure you can say they were our first guests because we cooked dinner for them in the house we are house sitting, with the people's food we are house sitting really all we did was cook. But anyway, it was fun! Clint cooked some great steaks and I shucked corn for the first time in my life. I'm learning all sorts of new things here in Tulia. We had the preacher and his wife over and they are crazy! They are our age and don't have kids (like everyone else in the church) so it was a lot of fun. We have friends!

Today is a major house renovation day for us. All the family is coming down to help re-paint the entire house! That should be fun....and interesting. It's a bit scary to start ministry in a brand new town that is extremely different than anywhere I've lived before, but the Lord has been faithful to us these past few days and I'm looking forward to our ministry here.

Oh...yesterday a lady from the church brought us some brownies instead of corn! Thank you Mrs. Young.


Katie said...

I'm sorry I haven't come to the wonderful town of Tulia yet!!! I am leaving tomorrow at 11 to go to Houston, then I'll be back Friday until the next Wednesday. So hopefully I can come when I get back from Houston! I'm glad you got to have someone over. That's always really fun! Talk to you soon, love you!

Kim said...

Hi Katie!
Hook me up with some of that fresh corn!!!!!

ashley said...

Kitty-kitty-meow-meow!!! I love reading about your smalltown adventures in Tulia! It makes me laugh! I was actually going to ask the same question about the corn that Jenny did...great minds think alike-huh?! Give me a call sometime when you are in A-town so we can catch up. Good luck! I love you and miss you!