Monday, September 12, 2005

Blessings from Tulia

Thanks to all who prayed over the weekend. My weekend went very well after I had all my emotions out. We did go to the Tulia Homecoming game on Friday night and we lost 30-7. Although it was quite a defeat, I learned so much about Tulia at the game. I had no idea that everyone in town, and I mean everyone went to the games. I'm not just talking about the high school kids and the players parents, I'm talking that I saw all five of the elders at the game, all with maroon shirts on, supporting the Hornets. It was crazy, but so fun.

I'd like to tell another story about how great the church in Tulia really is. A few weeks ago they told Clint and me that they were going to give us a "pounding." If any of you are like Clint, he was a bit worried at first that the whole congregation was going to beat us up, but a pounding is where the congregation fills your pantry with food and essentials. Our pounding was last week and I thought we got a lot of great things. One generous couple even gave us a 100 dollar check! We got everything from sugar and flour to brownie mixes and paper towels. Over all I was very happy. But here's the catch, the elders told Clint and me this week that they were extremely embarassed about the lack of food that was given, and that our first pounding wasn't advertised they are giving us a 2nd pounding! When they announced this at church last night Clint raised his hands in victory and gave me a high five! We are extremely blessed by our new church home.


Anonymous said...

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Mom said...

Blessed you are! and don't forget about the fresh garden veggies. Enjoy!

Katie said...

I miss you! Sorry I wasn't in class Monday, I fell asleep. Yikes! Anyway, please please call me when you're in Abilene so we can hang out..we have much to talk about! love you!

JENNY said...


That's incredible! What a huge blessing and wonderful church. I am so happy for you and Clint. Can't wait to hopefully see you soon!