Wednesday, September 14, 2005

God is good...all the time

I went to church at Highland tonight a little discouraged. First of all, even though I was going to church, it was still difficult to go by myself, sit by myself, and get all those sympathy looks from others. You know the ones you give people that are sitting by themselves, but you're too shy or something to go up and befriend them. Thats how I felt when I entered Highland tonight. But have faith my didn't last long.

Being by myself and in the presence of the Lord was exactly what I needed. There were hundreds of people at Highland tonight praising the Lord, but somehow in the midst of all the people, the Lord spoke to me and I felt as if it were only Him and me in the room. He is powerful. The last few days in Abilene have been hard. I've taken care of Murphy, our puppy, who I believe is the spawn of satan. Even the vet today said, "this dog has issues." He's right, but somehow, I love Murphy.

Anyway, back to Highland. In the middle of quite a busy and stressful week, the Lord silenced me for a brief moment to realize his peace and faithfullness in my life. As I was leaving Highland tonight, trying to avoid all the akward smiles of those who noticed I was sitting alone, a small child was running toward me in the lobby. Her hair was bouncing up and down and I don't think her little legs could be moving any faster. It was sweet little Michal Kate Durrington, who I've come to know through camp. We are pretty much best friends even though she's only 8. She ran up to me, like I was running to the Father tonight. As we hugged, I thought how precious is God's love for us. Thank you Jesus for the love I felt tonight at Highland and thank you Jesus for precious Michal Kate who is a reminder of your unconditional love. Hope all of you are blessed this weekend.


Mom said...

Yes, God is good all the time! And we are blessed all the time too we just don't always seem to remember or realize it. And you are one of my most precious blessings! I love your heart!

Sarah P said...

Sweet Kat!
Good to hear that things are going well for you!
I remember all too well those Wednesday-night-by-yourselfers. Somehow my roomates' and my schedules never matched for Wednesday nights. I'm amazed at how much it feels like those looks don't exist anymore once you leave the ACU area...But I always feel it every time I go back. Very strange.
So glad to hear you are doing great! I heard your wedding was beautiful!!

Sarah (used-to-be-Wilhite) Paulk

ewall said...

what a great story kat, thanks so much for sharing. thanks for sharing the eyes that He gave you to see His love for each of us. i'm going to keep posting on your blog in hopes that someday i'll see one from you on mine :)--just kidding, but not really. i love you and am praying for you during this season of change, it is hard, i know some of the things you speak about, but the growth He is doing in you through this is very worth it. i still think you are great!

Deana Nall said...

I knew Michal Kate when I worked in the nursery before we left Abilene in 2000. She was such a sweet little 18-month-old. I can't imagine her being 8.

JENNY said...

What a great story, Kat! I love you and miss you.