Monday, September 19, 2005

Top 10

My past weekend in Tulia, (really it's more than that, it just goes by fast) was really great and instead of posting a long entry about it, here's a short list of the reasons why (in no particular order)

1. I was going to go to Bidnight on Friday, but decided not to. Although I missed out on a lot of fun, my rest at home was needed, and I think it was best for me not to go. I really don't want to be caught up in pledging.

2. Every Friday, our church in Tulia cooks lunch for the high school kids. I help out in the kitchen, usually just doing the easy jobs that I am able to do. I enjoy these ladies so much and the ministry we are able to do in such a small amount of time is amazing. I have fun watching our youth group kids in action, loving on their friends and be lights in the world.

3. I went to Amarillo on Friday and Saturday and got to eat at two of my favorite restaurants with my family. Village Bakery and Tai Arawan....both local places, and both really great!

4. I love going shopping with my mom, one because she loves it too, and because I can usually talk her into buying me a few things. This time it was a cute new red it!

5. While I was in Amarillo I took Murphy, our puppy, with me. Murphy got to meet Mollie, my parents dog, and they loved playing together and it was precious.

6. On Saturday morning, my dad got me my very favorite Saturday morning breakfast...Donut Stop Cherry donuts...there are none other! Thanks Dad.

7. On Saturday night I went to see Aida with my sister Jill at Amarillo Little Theatre. It was fabulous, definately one of my favorite shows, I wish ACU was able to still do it.

8. On Sunday afternoons we usually plan an activity with the youth group, this weekend we didn't and it was sooo nice to spend time alone with Clint. I love him, and love spending time with him.

9. On my way back to Abilene today, I read a book while driving. I know this is horrible, but I was so excited to read the book. It's one I've already read, "Every young woman's battle," but with a few issues on hand right now, I wanted to remind myself what it said and hope to encourage other Christian sisters in the same direction.

10. Got to Abilene and my night class was cancelled!

Sorry it wasn't the best update, but there's more to come! Have a wonderful week.


Mom said...

Red purse and a white shirt because you spilled dinner all over the one you had on (which you left at my house for me to try to get the stains out of!) Have a wonderful time in Abilene!
Love you!

Katie said...

Kat, Hey!

Well, i love you. Let's always be friends, ok? ok great. bye.

Katie Rich said...

and then on Monday night while you were sitting in the library in comes a past camper who you love and miss:)
haha love ya kat