Monday, September 26, 2005

A worthy calling

I wanted to write a post about the wonderful youth group Clint and I are blessed to work with each week. Just to update, Clint really is loving his new job. One of my best friends, Linds King, and I were talking the other day that we didn't think we would be fully fulfilled in life if we weren't doing what God intended for us to be doing. With that being said, God made Clint Burns for ministry! He is so amazing at it, definately a gift from the Lord. This picture is one of me and Shawnee. Shawnee is a 6th grader, and although we "aren't supposed to have favorites," she's one of mine. I love having kids in the youth group that you can count on 100%. She's one of those. Sure she's your typical 6th grade girl, always talking and interested in so many different things, but I know the Lord is using her outgoing spirit here in Tulia.

The second picture is me and Valerie. Valerie is a sophomore and has quite the attitude. Luckily she thinks I'm funny, otherwise she would probably beat me up. Valerie has her opinions and lets you know what she thinks of you, but the Lord is using her as well. Her courage and determination are great for a girl her age.

Clint has started a neighborhood walking route with the kids here. Today is their first day and I'm interested to hear what happens. Clint is challenging these kids like never before, and it's wonderful to see their minds actually thinking about questions like, "Why do you go to church," Why do you believe in Jesus." Sure these are simple questions to some, but believe me, for these Tulia kids, it's a new world with Clint as their minister. Thank you Lord for using Clint, may you recieve all the glory.


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ewall said...

kat i'm so excited to hear how God is using y'all there! i love you and am really thankful for you. miss your hugs and laughter!


JENNY said...


I always love your posts. You have a beautiful way of expressing what God is doing. I'm so happy for you and Clint. He must be doing an amazing job. I assume the kids love you so much, too!! I love you both and am still praying for you.


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