Wednesday, September 28, 2005

First day on the job

On Wednesdays I've decided to substitue teach here in Abilene for a few extra bucks and to do something with my day off. Today was my first day to sub, and I can prove it with the Vis-a-Vis green marker that has remained on the side of my hand. I taught 7th and 8th grade Math to underpriviledged students who many are unable to master the TAKS test.

I was so nervous going into class this morning. The teacher next door to me came in and introduced herself and gave me some words of wisdom. 1. don't smile 2. these kids are bigger than you, take control quick and 3. you're not their friend. I'm freaking out right. Not only because the mean English teacher next to me just gave me frightful advice, but I was to actually teach the kids a math lesson as well.

Luckily the math lesson wasn't that bad and the rest of the time we just reviewed for their test tomorrow. But it wasn't the math I was concerned about today. It was the children's faces, their eyes, their hearts. You could see the burdens they carried as they filed in one by one into the classroom. How could you not befriend these poor souls? You could see the hurt the kids experienced when their parents dropped them off at school listening to music that I won't repeat. You could see the desperation they felt with the words on their clothes and other belongings. A7th grade girl in my class today had a keychain that said, "I may be a B____, but I'm the pick of the litter."

Today my prayer for these students is the prayer that Jesus taught us. Lord, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Lord may you come into the Abilene schools, schools everywhere and reign in the children's hearts. Thank you Lord that we are your children, we are your pick of the litter, and I pray that the children of Clack Middle School saw a glimpse of that today.


codyblair said...

hey kat,
i'm excited i can keep up with ya'lls ministry through your blog. clint was def. made for ministry, and i know you two are doing incredible things for the Lord in Tulia. thanks for sharing that prayer for those abilene kids. tell clint i said hi

JENNY said...

Thank you for the encouragement this morning. As always, I am amazed by your passion and love for kids. You are an example to me and so many others.