Monday, October 03, 2005

Mr. Tulia

On Saturday night Clint and I got just another taste of this small town we live in. A lot of the kids in the youth group are a part of the drama club, and they were holding a fundraiser on Saturday evening called Mr. Tulia. Not knowing exactly what to expect, Clint and I paid our three dollars and found our seats in the Tulia Highschool Auditorium. Just minutes later we were joined with many other proud parents and friends awaiting this mystery production.

Mr. Tulia...what is it you might ask. It's definately a beauty pagent, but for guys. Thats right, about 15 high school guys were dressed up like girls, modeling evening dresses, showcasing their talents, and giving their most clever answer to an interview question. I couldn't believe that 15 guys actually signed up to do this, and we aren't talking about the little guys who enjoy drama, we're talking football players, the most muscular men around campus. It was hysterical! Some of my favorite moments of the pagent:

*Contestant #11s talent: playing the water glasses
*Contestant#3s overall costume: Ariel the Mermaid
*Contestant#2s answer to his interview question: "World peace."

Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, Clint and I came out with a night full of laughter and probably some most embarassing stories to tell. This was definaately one of our highlights so far. Good job drama club, and congrats to contestant #4 for his, or rather her, win!


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JENNY said...

That's hilarious!! How fun! Love you. Hey, what's your Tulia address?