Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I still got it...

I substitute taught again this morning at Cooper High School. It's the first time in a long time that I've left my house before the sun was up. I couldn't believe that it wasn't day light yet when I was leaving at 7am. I got to the school only to find out that the teacher I was subbing for was the baseball coach who taught three periods of English. Luckily I only had to go to the three periods of English and the assistant coach took over the baseball team for the day. Couldn't you see that, me in my dress pants and high heels telling high school boys what to do. Yeah right!

This morning on my way to Cooper, I decided to listen to this Celtic worship CD, I have no idea why I have a Celtic CD, but I do. Anyway, as I drove in darkness to the school the song that I kept playing was simple. "Christ, be before me. Christ, be beside me. Christ, be all around." What a simple, yet powerful prayer to the Lord. I think I'm going to listen to that song every time I substitute because I never know what I'm getting into. I don't know the students, their backgrouds, their behaviors, but having Christ all around gives me the courage and strength to enter into their lives for a brief second and hopefully share a glimpse of Christ's love.

One of the highlights of my morning at Cooper came during third period. I had given the students their assignment and they were busy working when a few boys in the back of the classroom started talking. They weren't being disruptive so I decided not to say anything. I continued watching them whisper to each other and then look back at me. I think they thought I was going to yell at them or something. Not having really a clue what was going on, one boy spoke up and asked if he could ask me a question. I said sure, hoping it didn't have to do with their assignment. Little did I know what was fixing to happen.

The boy courageously asked, "Are you married?" I responded with a simple, "yes," and simultaneously about four high school boys under their breath said, "dang it!" I smiled and laughed, but at the same time, my face I'm sure was a bright shade of red. To some four high school boys and my dear husband...I still got it!


ewall said...

yeah kat burns, you still got it! :) but here is my question for you, did they come up and hit your boobs in front of campers? i wouldn't know who would ever do something like that...i love you!

Mom said...

And just where do you think you "Got It" from??? You lucky thing you!!!

Love you -

JENNY said...

haha!! That's hilarious, Kat!

Chris gets funny comments like that from his students. I've gotten in SEVERAL fights with the girls there...I guess I just want to prove myself. haha! Just kidding!

Love you. hey, sorry to ask again, but what is your address in Tulia? I need to send you something.

JENNY said...

Thanks Kat!