Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been quite busy. The past two weeks have been full of midterm exams and papers, luckily I made it through. A brief update on the past week:

*Clint and I went to our 3rd Tulia football game and they finally won! Way to go Hornets.
*Clint and I both got an update on our appearances, he got glasses, and I chopped my hair off.
I always love a new cut!
*I'm falling more in love with our puppy Murphy, but he's sick this week.
*Clint turns 24 tomorrow and I'll be 23 in one month...that sounds so old!
*I locked my keys in my car twice while in Abilene and Clint has the spare in Tulia...ugh.
*I taught 3rd grade today, and really never want to do that again...I was exhausted!

I've read a lot of posts lately about how everyone has great friends that the Lord has blessed them with, and I am the exact same way. Being in two different towns is so difficult, but I don't think I would even stand a chance for making it in Abilene if it weren't for my two good friends Rosalyn and Linds. The very first week of school, Ros and Linds requested that I spend every Tuesday night at there house for the remainder of the semester. Those Tuesday nights have been so fun for me. It's great to be married, but to still have quality girl time and what a wonderful opportunity this has been. These two girls have welcomed me like I lived in that house and let me come and go whenever I need.

Tonight, Linds called and wanted to know if I wanted to eat dinner at her house with her and Brent. I know this doesn't seem that big of deal, but the kind of hospitality Linds and Ros have shown over the past few weeks is the kind of hospitality Jesus calls us to. Jesus teaches us to be hospitable to others, and Linds and Ros have gone above and beyond to do just that for me. I'm blessed by their example and only hope I can be the same way. Blessings on your week, I've got a great post coming up...get ready!

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JENNY said...


I can't wait until your great post...who knows what you have in store. haha!!

Well, you are definitely blessed with good friends. I'm thankful you have Ros and Linds there. Good is good.

Tell Clint happy birthday for me!!

Love you,