Monday, October 17, 2005

"The old rugged cross"

This morning Clint and I went to the funeral of an elderly lady from Tulia who passed away on Friday. We went because the woman was the grandmother of Jacob, a guy in our youth group. Clint had been at the hospital on Friday with Jacob right before she passed away, that was special for the two of them. Jacob is doing as well as he can, his grandmother was very special to him and to his family. Being at the funeral today was exactly what I needed to begin the second half of this semester. (I'm halfway done!) As we all stood around her precious body, the song "The Old Rugged Cross" was playing quietly. Tears began to slowly drip down my face as I saw the woman's husband smiling and singing along. "I will cling to the old rugged cross, until at last I lay down." In this difficult moment, the elderly man who has just lost his wife of over 40 years to illness, was holding on to the cross, was smiling because he knew the glory that awaited him someday. These next few weeks of traveling back and forth don't seem so difficult when I think of them with this new perspective. Hold tight to the cross.

Disclaimer: This isn't the great post that I talked about eariler, but don't worry it's coming.


Brock Rutherford said...

I'm glad to know that you and Clint are doing well. Just wanted to say hi and see if you could tell Clint hi for me sometime. Cool. Peace out.

JENNY said...

Another great post, Kat. What a sweet story! Love you!