Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Life well Lived

As many of you many recall this Friday is the first anniversary of my uncle Kevin's death. I've been thinking about this post for the past few weeks, wondering how I should approach it, what I should write, what I would be feeling. As the time has finally come to sit down and reflect from the past year, my heart is filled with joy, but sadness as well.

To remind you: My uncle Kevin had been a missionary in China for almost 20 years. He met his wife there and together they had two great kids, Hannah (14) and Stephen (12). They spent their lives over there loving others and showing Christ to them. In July of 2004 Kevin and his family moved back to Amarillo for reasons really none of us knew. His family lived with my grandmother for some time until they found a house in Amarillo. Kevin was working at Tascosa High School, and Barb at Crockett Middle School (both alma maters of Kevin's) It was October 21 at about 930 in the morning when my mom called to tell me that Kevin had passed away due to a heart attack, he was 43.

Those next few days and weeks in Amarillo were tough, this year has been tough as well. Clint has preached a few sermons over hope and each time tells the story of Kevin. The past year the Lord has taught me that hope does not disappoint us. Hope doesn't say that we have to understand why everything happens, it doesn't say that we have to be happy with what happens, and it doesn't say that we can't be angry at God. All of those feelings I've experienced. I've questions God's plan many times, but still have hope that Jesus is alive, working and is the creator of my salvation. I praise Him for He is my savior, my everything, my Hope.

An update: Barb (Kevin's wife) is doing well. She now works as the head of the autistic program at Amarillo High School. Hannah is a freshman at AHS and made the basketball team there! Go Sandies. Stephen is a 7th grader enjoying football and choir. They have a new huge dog named Jaci and a trampolene!

Here are a few pictures of Kevin that reflect his life so well.

(Barb and Kevin doing one of their many skits and Kevin teaching in China)

(Kevin being his typical self, and the best family picture I could find)

(I love this picture of Kevin and Barb worshipping the Lord together)

As the anniversary of his death is among our family, my prayer is that we don't forget about our hope in Jesus Christ, the author and perfector of our faith. Kevin's life and death have taught me to love the Lord more, to seek him out, to live my life for him with no regrets or exceptions. I'm grateful to Kevin for the life he lived and the abundance of love he had for Christ and for others.


Mom said...

Thank you sweetie for your tribute to Kevin, not just Kevin but to our Lord also. He is my hope! I got through your post without crying (I know you are shocked). Friday will be sad for us but God is good and has blessed our family. I love you. MOM :)

ewall said...

kat, thanks for sharing. it has blessed me today, love you friend!


Chelsie said...

Kat- What an awesome trubute to Kevin. Thanks for sharing your heart!


JENNY said...


Thanks for sharing. I will be praying for you and your family as you remember Kevin. He seems like such an amazing man. I love you and am thankful for you.

On a side note, I will talk to Chris about getting coffee with you guys!!!!! I haven't heard from him all day, but when I do, I will call you. I'm still at work right now.....

Love you!


Rosalyn said...

Kat, I remember how tough this all was last year...How great it is to look back and see God's faithfulness throughout it all! love you, Rosalyn