Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend Update

I am about to make the weekly trip back to Abilene in a few hours, but it seems I have only been in Tulia for a brief time. The weekend was great, full of activities and people to see, but extremely exhausting for some reason. Here's a bit of an update, nothing special, just what has been going on.

*Thursday night when I drove in, Clint and I drove straight to Amarillo. All of my family was there to be together for the first anniversary of my uncle's death. It was fun to see everyone and play are favorite games of dominoes and hearts, but also sad to think of the reason we were all gathered together. Thanks for the prayers this week about that.

*Friday night I attended the womens retreat for our church. I was definately one of the youngest there, but had a great time. You know in high school and even college you sit around at night talking about boys and such, well this retreat, we stayed up late talking about child birth and stuff. Thanks to all those ladies who made me extremely terrified of that! There were some Biblical issues that were discussed at the retreat that really got me thinking and some great conversations with my parents and others came from that.

*Saturday we were back in Amarillo again to celebrate Clint's birthday with his entire family. He enjoyed playing Axis and Allies with Scott while his mother and I cooked the dinner.

*We got to see our wonderful friends Chris and Jenny while we were in Amarillo as well. What a great unexpected blessing to get to see friends like that and have sort of grown up conversations like we did. We love you Chris and Jenny!

*Sunday we had many visitors stopping by Tulia on their way to Abilene and that was great. Scott and Lauren stopped by and asked Clint to be the minister in their special!

That's about it, nothing special I told you. Now I've got to eat lunch and plan the youth group Halloween party...anybody got any ideas? Oh, and Clint and I need a costume idea for us...what should we be? Blessings on your week friends.


JENNY said...


We love you two and cherish your friendship. It was SO good to see you and Clint!

I can't believe Lauren and Scott asked Clint to be the minister! How wonderful and what a honor! Was he excited?

Well, I'm glad you had a good weekend. I'll be praying for you today as you make the trip back to Abilene for a few days.

Love and already miss you!


Erika Watts said...

It was so great to hear from you and read your blog. Sounds like your staying extremely busy with being married, going to school full time, and traveling every weekend (that's amazing).
Great to know the update. What an honor to be the minister at Lauren's wedding! When are they getting married?
Keep your blogs comin because I'm reading!
Love you,

Katie said...

Um i'm thinking that you and Clint should go as Nuns. What do you think? you! Yay for our night class tonight!

Rosalyn said...

Kat of course I have ideas for your party..I watched this whole episode this weekend on how to decorate and what kinds of food to make just for that occasion...I'll will let you in on the secrets!

Melanie Fullerton said...

Kat well here's what I think you should go as... inmates. Stephanie Daniel and I are going as inmates to our halloween party and we are going to be Martha Stewart and Winona Rider... I could definetly see clint as Martha... think about it!
Love ya, melanie