Tuesday, November 01, 2005

First things First

This weekend was full of "firsts" for Clint and me. Fridays are usually big days for us anyway, but this one was especially big. We helped with the Friday lunch at our church like usual then it was a day full of work for the both of us. My parents were driving down to eat dinner with us, and this time it wasn't at a restaurant...it was me cooking for them. Although Clint and I have been married for a year and a half I've never had the opportunity to cook a meal for my parents, but the time came on Friday. I was so nervous as I mopped all the floors, dusted every inch of the house and made sure our puppy didn't do anything to mess it up...I had to make sure Clint didn't do anything to mess it up either! I cooked and cleaned for what seemed like all day. Finally they arrived and dinner was served. I didn't cook like anything super special, just some new recipes in hopes that my parents would be pleased. When my dad got up to get seconds, I knew I had succeeded! That was the first of the firsts.

Then all of us went to the last home football game and Tulia stomped the other team, I was so excited. When mom and I went to get some hot chocolate another first happened...mom bought me my first Tulia t-shirt. I love it, and have worn it twice since then, I'm starting to love my small town life.

Then after the game another first. Clint planned an entire event for any student in Tulia to attend. It was at our church after the game and it was a HUGE spoons tournament. It was so fun, and I was so proud of him for planning such a great ministry event. He had prizes, food, all sorts of great stuff to reach out to the kids of Tulia. I love my husband.

That was really it for the firsts, but it was so great experiencing all these new things. Last night at church we had a trunk and treat where you dress up your car and stuff. Well I thought surely I had won after I made a super man cape for our puppy Murphy, but alas, I didn't win. But Murphy sure did look cute for the three minutes he kept the cape on! Perhaps there will be pictures later. Look for more posts this week, I'm trying hard to be more successful on posting!


JENNY said...

Congrats on all of the "firsts!" Great post! I love hearing about you and Clint- you seem so happy in Tulia. What did you end up cooking for your parents? I can't wait until we live close enough to parents that we can actually have them over for dinner!! Love and miss you!

Rosalyn said...

Kat Hey! murphy should have won it for you sorry he didnt' pull through for the win on the trunk or treat night! ros

ps remeber how we got free starbucks on mon with brent linds and zach that was cool huh