Friday, September 02, 2005

How much is the doggie in the window

Clint and I have been talking about getting a dog now that we have a back yard and the time to take care of one. We decided we liked Beagles and Jack Russells the best and were just casually looking around to find one. I had been to the Amarillo Shelter a few times, but didn't fall in love with any puppies there. Back in Abilene I kept my eye out too, and even found a Beagle breeder in town. I contacted the breeder and found out that their Beagle puppies were 250 dollars, we didn't want to spend that much. Then Tuesday...I fell in love.

I went to the Abilene Shelter just to see what was there, and in pin 12 there was our little Beagle Puppy, Murphy. I went to adopt him, only to find out that he was a stray brought in just that day and couldn't be adopted until Thursday morning, giving his owners time to claim him. My name was first on the list to adopt him, and as I found out yesterday, many more names were on the list.

I brought Murphy to Tulia yesterday and we've loved him every minute. He's a fiesty little guy, but as sweet as he can be as well. The vet thinks he's about 7 weeks old and he weighs a little over 5 pounds. He should be a good companion for both of us as these traveling days continue.


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Katie said...

Oh my goodness, Murphy is the cutest thing ever!!! Yay for you getting a dog! Hope your weekend in Tulia was great! Love you!

Chelsie said...

You have a wonderful puppy! I want a puppy very much- but dogs and dorms don't go well together... Someday!! You and Clint are still in our prayers!


JENNY said...


Your dog is so cute! I wish he was mine. Maybe you'll let me hold him when we're in town...? You can be pretty selfish sometimes, I wouldn't be surprised if you and Clint wouldn't let us even pet him. haha!

Well, for real, Murphy is adorable! I love and miss you!!