Monday, August 29, 2005

Multiple Personalities

Well, my first week of being in two different towns has finally passed. I'm starting my second week in Abilene and have only 14 left! My time in Tulia flew by and I can't wait to get back. As I drove into Tulia on Thursday, I immediately unloaded my car and headed to play bunco with a group of ladies from the church! I know, I know, bunco sounds like I'm playing Bridge or something with a group of people from the nursing home, but I promise it wasn't! It was so fun, and provided me great opportunites to get to know more of the ladies, young and old!

Because of my traveling back and forth, I feel as if I have multiple personalities. You see, when I'm in Tulia, I'm an adult, playing bunco with the church ladies, fixing potluck meals, hanging out with couples who have children. I really feel mature when I'm in Tulia.

Then when I come back to Abilene, I feel like a college girl again. I procrastinate my homework, stay up A LOT later, and even spend the night with girl friends. Although this semester will be challenging and stressful, I actually like my two different lives. Instead of being thrown into a new culture completely and expected to know so many more things, like being an adult, I'm learning slowly and can still have fun back in Abilene. I do long for the day when I can stay in Tulia and not have to tell my husband good-bye every Monday and lie in bed thinking about how Thursdays will never come.

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JENNY said...


I love your heart. Thank you for being so willing to share. We will continue praying for safe driving trips, the ministry in Tulia, school and your marriage.

It sounds like you are going to be pretty busy this semester, but it also sounds like you are going to have so much fun. Tulia seems so wonderful! Give Mel a pinch for me. haha!

Love you,