Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Coming back to ACU has been extremely difficult. I remember my sophomore and junior years when I would thrive on going into the campus center just to see how many people I knew and how many people knew me. I would hope that I would have classes with people I knew and couldn't stand if I didn't have plans every night of the week.

Well, starting my final semester here, things have changed. I avoid the campus center at all costs because the peak of my popularity at ACU is completly over. I know nobody. I feel completely different than the people here as well. Sure there are people I know, but my life and many peoples lives here are quite different.

I never thought I would say this, but I miss Tulia! I miss our house, I miss our small town, and I miss our new church. Most of all, I miss my husband.

Although all these aspects of my life are changing, I feel the Lord's prescence in my life more now than ever before. I praise Him, for He never changes, He understands my differences, and celebrates the change that is happening within me.


Mom said...

and I miss you...!
You are really becoming an adult. Embrace it and give it everything you've got. You may have lost some of your identity at ACU but now you have a new identity in Tulia.

I love you, MOM :)

ewall said...

kat burns, I love you and am praying for you during this new time! you are an encouragement, and I'm praying for Him to hold you in His faithful hands. thanks for being you, i think you are great!


ps--i tagged you. look at my blog :)