Sunday, August 21, 2005

The day in the life of a ministers wife...

Granted I'm 22 years old and have technically been a "grown up" for sometime now, I really felt the onset of maturity this morning. I awoke this morning around 7:45 right before my husband left for church. Sunday is a working day for him. Although church doesn't start until 9:30, Clint studies his morning lesson and attends an elders meeting all before teaching the youth class. I, like Clint, was quite busy myself. After saying goodbye to Clint, I fixed myself some breakfast and started cooking in the kitchen. Every other Sunday we have a potluck lunch for the church and since Clint and I have a kitchen now, I thought it would only be proper for me to actually cook something for the meal. So by 8am on a Sunday morning, I was busy in the kitchen.

After I had my corn souffle in the oven, I proceeded to read the newspaper and get myself ready for church. When the corn was done, I pulled it out of the oven, put foil around it and then went and made the bed. I was off to church by 9:15 with my Bible and my corn souffle. Boy am I proud of myself!

Then at the potluck, Clint and I are always some of the last in line (cause he's a minister and all...that's the only bad part of the job, just kidding). So I was looking on peoples plates and my head would actually get a bit higher every time I saw my corn souffle on someone's plate. I was so proud that not only did I make something for the meal, but people were actually eating it! I got to the line and there was one serving left, I grabbed it up as fast as I could. So however silly this story may seem to some, today was a great day of growing up for me. Clint has laughed at me all day at how proud I've been of myself and my souffle.

Today starts the many miles traveled from ACU to Tulia, you can pray for that. My first class is tomorrow night and I'll be back in Tulia on Thursday.


Mom said...

Hey sweetie -

Welcome to the real world!!!!

Love you, MOM :)

Chelsie said...

Isn't it weird growing up! I am feeling like that more and more everyday! Hope to see you around campus some- since everyone has gone and left Abilene!
Much Love-

JENNY said...


How do you make a corn soufle?? It sounds good! Mel told me you two went walking last night. I wish I could have come. I miss being in Abilene. How was the drive yesterday? Well, I love you and miss you. Lets talk soon!


Jill said...

Wow!!! How did it taste? You actually made breakfast too? I'm impressed! I actually got up and went to church this morning--3rd week in a row!!! I even went to class, but it was with the older singles (30+) so I felt kind of outta place, but it was fun!!!