Thursday, August 18, 2005

Holy Ground

When Clint was offered the job here in Tulia, the church said that they would provide us a home. At that time they didn't know where the home was going to be, if they were going to buy a home, or just rent one. It wasn't until just a few days after Clint was hired that a family in the church offered their home for us to live in, rent free!

This family is so wonderful. It was an older couple who lived in the house for about 30 years I think. Their four children grew up in the house and moved on and married. The couple had three girls and one son. I'm not sure when, but the son passed away when he was older. The three girls all live close, one here in Tulia, one in Abernathy, and one in Amarillo. (The one in Amarillo is Jordan Wesley's mother) The three women have all had difficult lives. Two of them were married for over 20 years when their husbands left them. The other couple just lost a son to diabetes. This family has seen it all, but through it all trust in the Lord.

About five years ago the family moved the mother down to Plainview because she was diagnosed with Alzhiemers. She lives in a home there away from her family. So the elderly man was left in Tulia to keep up with this house all alone. About a month before Clint was hired, the man passed away pretty suprisingly and the house was left for the family to deal with.

Then came us! The family gave the house to the church for us to live in and told us to redecorate however we wanted. (Thats been the fun part for me) Just last night I met the two daughters at church. They both came up to me and just hugged me, and told me how wonderful they think it is that the house will have life in it again. As these two women talked and talked about the memories they have with this house, it made it not seem so bad. They cried about how their mother would love that we've repainted everything and that their daddy would be so glad that the teens would be in the house again.

Talking to these women gave me a whole new perspective on the house. This house is Holy Ground. Jesus was taught here many years ago and has been a part of this home from its beginning. How wonderful to have met that family. To know that they are excited that we are here, to have their blessing on the things we've done. Through all this sweet family has gone through, it was wonderful to see how they were hopeful in the Lord, joyous in the things ahead, and loved eachother through it all. I look forward to the stories Clint and I will have about this house, and the love that will be shared here.

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Mom said...

Miss Kitty -

You make me cry everytime. I love you. I am glad that you got to meet these ladies last night. I saw how happy you were for having met them when you got home from church and you seemed to have a renewed spirit. The Lord works in amazing ways and I know he will bless your work in Tulia and in the house.

Love you, MOM :)