Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A taste of Tulia

I really had no clue what kind of town I was living in until just yesterday. We are still living with the elder until tomorrow when the rest of our furniture arrives. That will be a good day! The house is looking much better each day. All together we've painted 8 rooms and we've got one bathroom to go! To say the least, I'm tired.

Anyway, back to what kind of town I live in. As I was driving to my house from the elders house yesterday I saw something that caught me completely off guard. I've driven this road nearly a hundred times in my two weeks of being here, but yesterday was different. It was a residential road, there was a house on the corner, an empty lot, then another house. Well you'll never guess what I saw on the empty lot....a GOAT! I know that was quite an introduction for a goat, but seriously it was loose in the residential area. I asked someone about this, and why the goat was there, how it possibly got there. Their explanation...a lawn mower. Why pay hundreds of dollars on a lawn mower, an entire afternoon mowing the lot, when you can get the farmers goat to eat it up for free! Yes, this is the town I live in.

Other than the goat, I am enjoying the small town atmosphere. The youth group kids are really beginning to show their true colors to Clint and me and I think they are starting to like us!


Mom said...

You better find out what farmer that goat came from cause you're gonna need to borrow it before too long to do your yard. Remember, you still don't have a lawn mower either.

Love you, MOM :)

JENNY said...

I have a goat you could borrow, Kat. Just let me know and I will send it in the mail.

jill said...

I want to see a picture of this goat!!!