Sunday, November 27, 2005

11 days of Thanksgiving

You know the Christmas song, "The 12 days of Christmas?" Well, since I've been in Tulia for 11 days I thought I would write about those sweet 11 days that I've been home. It was so wonderful to be here that long without having to drive to Abilene for school. So instead of a long paragraph full of Thanksgiving blessings, instead I'll give you the top 11 things that I enjoyed most while being no particular order.

11. While I was here I got to cook a number of meals for Clint and me, and I'm becoming such the cook! I even asked my mom to make me an apron for Christmas. Mine and Clint's new favorite meal that I make is Chicken's soo good.

10. While I was in Tulia, Clint got to preach two times because our preacher was gone and he's the fill-in. He is a wonderfully talented speaker, and I am always so proud to him him preach.

9. While I was here I wrote the last of my college papers. I wrote four long papers while I was here, but I'll never have to write one again!

8. Because this was the Thanksgiving holiday, that means I only have to drive back to Abilene two more times before I graduate...thank you Jesus.

7. Our little puppy, rather big puppy now, lost his first tooth while I was here. It was actually pretty disgusting to me when I saw it on the ground, but Clint insisted that we keep it. Good boy Murphy.

6. Because I was here for so long, Clint and I got to watch some of our favorite television shows together instead of watching them apart. It was so great to sit with him in our new over sized chair and spend that time with him.

5. Clint and I took our Christmas card picture and I have been busy getting those ready while I've been here. It's so fun to actually have people to send them to...and our picture is quite cute!

4. Jill, my sister, brought her boyfriend home to meet the family this weekend. This is really the first time she's ever brought someone home, so it was very new to all of us. But Micheal seems quite fun and fits in just great.

3. After our Thanksgiving meal, all the girls in my family played Mexican Train with dominoes. We always play this and it gets pretty competitive...well I won this holiday and plan to hold my championship all the way through Christmas!

2. Today after church, while I was cooking lunch, it was snowing!

1. Clint and I decorated our very first Christmas tree together. We didn't have one last year because our apartment was too small, but our first tree looks great and it was so fun to decorate our house together. I love Christmas.

Well, that's it. The 11 days of my holiday were so restful and such a blessing. I can't believe I only have two more weeks of school left. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.


Mom said...

Did you forget about the four wonderful hours that you got to spend shopping with your mom???? That is always the best!!!!

mary beth said...

I love playing mexican train dominoes!!! My family plays it all the time too!

JENNY said...


It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving break!! We're decorating our tree tomorrow night and I can't wait! I'm not sure where the tree will go, though. Our apartment is pretty small!!

I love and miss you! Thank goodness you only have 2 more weeks left!!

Love you,

ashley said...

I loved reading your 11 days of Thanksgiving! I'm glad you had a good break! Only a few more days till it's over and no more commuting for you! Love you!

lhall said...

what a GREAT comeback blog after weeks of horrible blogging block...glad you're back!