Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blogger Block

Well, I've had a temporary case of blogger's block, nothing really exciting has happened lately so I've been away for a bit. I'm sorry, I know you check daily for updates. I've been enjoying my time in Tulia, knowing that I don't have to leave after four days. As I've thought of what to post, one of our kids in the youth group today gave me a bit of inspiration.

Teddy is in the 8th grade and attends church regularly. He adores Clint and is a pretty good kid to say the least. Recently he and another girl that attends church a bit have decided that they would "go out." I guess that's what they still call it, none the less they are your typical 8th grade couple. This morning in Bible class, while Clint was teaching about the exciting book of Revelation, Teddy took me back to my dating days. I was watching Teddy glance back and forth at his girlfriend, I could tell he was going to make a move, but really contemplating when the time was right. Here it was. He yawned, placed his hands over his mouth, then moved them slowly above his head as if he was stretching. Then bang, his arm was around her like nothing ever happened. The look on the girl's face was priceless. She moved up a bit in her chair and her faced turned pretty red. I loved it. I could tell her fists were beginning to sweat and her heart was pouding ninety miles a minute.

So like I said, this took me back to my dating days. Clint and I had been officially boyfriend and girlfriend for about four days, but had been best friends for over a year. We had tickets to the local theatre which was showing "Oliver!" I was all dolled up and Clint was rather handsome too I must say! It was the second half of the show when Clint finally made his move. Unlike Teddy's sly smoothe yawn and reach, Clint went straight for my hand. I guess we were a little more mature than 8th graders...I was in the 10th grade. Well, I was so nervous the whole night that my entire body was sweating...not the gross kind of sweat...the kind that is like a cold sweat. Well, Clint's hand went straight for my hand, and guess where my hand went...straight across my body and I immediately crossed my arms together so Clint wouldn't feel my sweaty wet palms. For a high school guy, this was the ultimate let down. I didn't know how much I had crushed him until about a year later, but he also didn't understand that it wasn't because I didn't want to hold his hand, I just didn't want him to have to use his nice dress pants as a towel. I thought it was a nice gesture.

I'm not quite sure why I shared the story, but seeing Teddy and Lori in their akward hand holding stage was quite humorous. Let's keep the making fun of me comments to a minimum though ok. If I don't post before, hope everyone's holidays full of blessings.


mary beth said...

That is hilarious, Kat....takes me back to the good ole days :)

Kenli Shea said...

Ummm, thanks for sharing. kidding. Loved the sweaty palms story. Hey, he still married you, how cute.