Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Favorite College Memory #2

Living in a house with four other girls was quite interesting and exciting my junior year. Of course Linds King and I had our share of fun, but this particular night me and another roomie, Brit, played the prank of all pranks.

Think back to our house that year, and I know that none of you can forget our Siggie Museum at the back of the house. We never figured out why Melinda was so siggie spirited, and we constantly made fun of her poster sized shrine above her bed. Remember it? Melinda had for reasons unknown to us, blown up a small picture of her and her sister to poster size, and it was the main decoration for her room. We teased Melin a lot of nights by saying, "Don't forget to tell your sister good night for us." We loved teasing Melin, and most of the time she took it quite well....except for once.

Brit and I were bored in the house one night so we decided to play some practical jokes on all the roommates...of course Melin came first. Knowing how much she treasured her poster sized picture, Brit and I got some vis-a-vis markers and added a few touches to her picture. By the time we were finished, Melin and her sister had devil horns, blacked out teeth, and pimples all over their faces. We thought we were hysterical...that is until Melin came home.

Melin and Linds had been out and they came home just as we were finishing our new design. Melin saw her light on from outside and yelled that we better have not touched anything. Not knowing what Melin would do, we quickly grabbed Linds and together shoved ourselves into a closet hoping that Melin wouldn't find us. About a minute later all we see are our markers flying down the hall with great force. We hear Melin stomping out of her room to the kitchen to get paper towels.

We decided we better check up on her so we quietly made our way back to her room. "Melin, it's vis-a-vis, it will come off," I say in an appologetic voice. "Don't talk to me," Melin yelled back. Oh man, I knew we shouldn't have touched the shrine. As Linds goes in to help Melin, Brit and I couldn't stop laughing at what we had done.

"It's not coming off," we heard Melin say. Oh man, were we in trouble now. Melin slams her door shut, yelling to us that it won't come off and that she never wanted to talk to us again. "Ugh, Melin, can we help you?" I asked quietly. "I said not to talk to me," Melin shouted back.

Although we didn't feel too bad about what we had done I decided that my next statement was necessary to continue a relationship with her. "Melin, can we ask for your forgiveness?" What do you think Melin said next...."You can ask, but I won't give it." That was it, I was finished. Brit and I were on the floor laughing so hard we almost wet ourselves. Linds slowly opens the door and explains to us that it really won't come off, and that we should probably buy Melin a new frame.

Ok, sure we'll buy her a new frame tomorrow, after all it is 1:00 in the morning. Melin shoves the poster in my arms and says, "Wal Mart is open 24 hours, better go now." Are you kidding me...does she really want us to go all the way across town now...yep. So none the less, Brit and I drove across town with poster size Melin in hand, hoping that WalMart had the frames in stock.

Living with Melin was quite an adventure, I loved every minute of it!


ewall said...

oh the siggie shrine! loved that room, seriously unbelievable. :) love you kat!

Melanie said...

I always love that story... I think we are gonna do that to lauren's pic of her scott... jk

JENNY said...

haha! I definitely remember that story. Melinda's room was pretty comical. I love that you're writing all these fun stories down. It reminds me of how precious college was. I love you Kat!

Kenli Shea said...

Keep em coming. That is one of my all time favorites.

mary beth said...

i had heard this story before, but not from one of the actual roommates!! that is so incredibly funny :)