Sunday, December 04, 2005

Those were the days...

Because this is my last week in my college career, I have been reflecting on the past four or so years over the past week, and have decided to post some of my favorite college memories. Obviously I can't post all the fun and exciting times I had, but this week you'll get a glimpse of some of those great times. Here's a good one to start us off...

As most of you know I spent my college summers working ACU Leadership Camps. I love camp; the atmosphere, the people, the environment, the challenges. Everything about it I loved, and was definately blessed to have such a wonderful job during the summers.

It was my second summer as a counselor of Learning to Lead, a camp for 4th-6th graders. This is my most favorite camp because the kids are so easy and fun. But this particular night of L2L wasn't particularly easy or fun. It was the last night of camp, the first session. I had gathered all my 4th grade girls into my room for our last nightly devo together. When we were sitting down, about to start the devo I noticed I was missing someone. "Where's Molly," I asked the other girls. They had no idea.

So I told my girls to stay put as I went and searched for Molly. After looking in all the girls rooms, I heard this little whimper coming from the bathroom. I went in to the bathroom only to hear Molly crying just a bit. "Molly, is everything ok," I asked her. She replied with a sweet, "umm, no." (Warning, its about to get graphic.)

"Kat, there's red everywhere," Molly explained. Oh no, I knew this would happen to me, why on the last night of camp, couldn't it wait just one more night where she would be at home with her mom, isn't that how this is supposed to happen. So I asked Molly all the right questions and we both came to the agreement that she had in fact started her period for the first time. I quickly gave her a change of clothes, talked her through the next few steps, and returned to our devo, telling the other campers that Molly was sick to her stomach.

After the devo, I allowed Molly to call her mom. Her mom couldn't believe it. These were her exact words..."Are you sure, she's too little, why couldn't have this had happened at home." All of these same thoughts I was having, but had to reassure the mother that I had taken care of everything. When Molly went to bed that night she was so excited because she had to wait to get her ears pierced until she started her period, so this meant she could finally do it.

After putting all the girls to bed, I went to wash Molly's clothes in the laundry room. I began unfolding them, because I had quickly placed them under my arm in the clothes exchange earlier. As I was unfolding I began to see that the red was all over the sleeves of Molly's shirt...umm just in case you didn't know...that's not where your period comes out. I began examining Molly's clothes and the red was in all the wrong places. I went and showed a fellow counselor and we agreed that this wasn't what I orginally had thought.

I went back up to Molly's room, got her out of bed and made her explain her entire day to me. Did you fall down anytime, did you get hurt any where else today, did you draw with markers at all....oh that rang a bell. Molly's exact words..."Well, at the pizza party earlier I had a red sharpie marker that I was having all my friends sign my pillow case with." Are you kidding me...

I had definately walked this poor girl through all these steps, had already called her mom, and got Molly's hopes up about getting her ears pierced, all for a red sharpie marker....I was horrified to say the least. Molly was overly thrilled to get to take the product out of her panties, and when her mom picked her up the next day she was in tears knowing that it was just a false alarm.


ewall said...

oh kat that is such a great story! hope you are enjoying this week friend! did you know that i love you? ok, just checking to make sure. :)

mary beth said...

that is out of control! how funny :)

Kenli Shea said...

I love that story and cannot wait for more. I can almost name which ones you are going to tell, well the ones that are appropriate to tell on the blogster.

JENNY said...


I definitely remember laughin so hard when you told us that story! haha! That was such a great summer! Love you and look forward to reading your blog this week!


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