Thursday, July 20, 2006

A lousy top ten

My blogging has been lacking lately because I haven't had too much to write about. Just to keep you updated with my life, here's a top ten list of what's been going on in good ole Tulia, Texas.

1. Clint was at Kadesh all week last week and I hated being home all by myself. I did get to go down to camp for Thursday night and all day Friday. I'm not sure it was a wise idea to visit because it just made me miss camp so much more. Sweet little Michal Kate was at camp and we had been anticipating our reunion since we heard the good news that we would see eachother.

2. Although we had a wonderful visit in Abilene, our house somehow got broken into while we were gone...ugh. All they stole was Clint's X-box and all his games. Weird that they didn't take our lap top computer that was two feet away from the X-box. Clint has been in mourning since we got home, but has decided that his X-box getting stolen is only a sign from God that he needs an X-box 360...yeah right! (I'm just upset that the X-box is gone and we didn't get any money for it!)

3. My job at Wayland is boring! I literally sit at a computer all day and search the internet. My bottom is actually starting to hurt when I go home at night because I've sat for hours doing nothing.

4. Clint and I are eagerly praying about our future. We're ready for the next step. We are at a weird time in life where we really don't know what's next...we know what we want to happen, but sometime God has different plans.

5. Summer isn't as fun when you have a full time job. I like wearing mesh shorts and pony tails to work rather than skirts and high heels.

6. I can't seem to remember how old I am. I'm constantly having to think if I'm 22 or 23. I always end up having to subtract 1982 from 2006. That makes me 23, going on 24. Weird.

7. I miss my college friends. My friends here are 30 and have kids. I have to be mature when I'm around them. If you are reading this, I probably miss you.

8. Clint's gone again all next week. This would be a great opportunity for those people who I miss so much to come and visit me in Tulia. I'll give free corn to everyone who comes to visit!

9. I moved offices at work yesterday. This one is a bit bigger and closer to all the other ladies in my office. There is this big ugly picture of a moose that has to stay in the office though...can it stay under the desk? I hate it.

10. If you have a blog, could you update it like twice a day? It would give me more to do at work. Thanks.


codyblair said...

praying for you guys...

Katie said...

Kat i saw Clint at a devo but I'm sad I didn't get to see you! I'm working Learning to Lead this week and did L2L2 too. I'm going to Kadesh next week then Cross Training. I'm sad you will not be there. Love ya!

Allison said...

Kat...loved reading your top 10. I have heard the best things about kadesh this summer and right when my excitement level is at it's bursting point....we find out that we can't go. A guy Matt is working with is having surgery, so he has to cover for him. Huge Bummer!

If you get better about updating your blog, I'll get better about doing mine! :) Tell the hub we say hi!!

ewall said...

kat, girl i told our reunion at kadesh story (you know what i'm talking about) to some psp interns the other day, and missed you so much.

i heard you met megan from west houston, i wish that i was there to see you in person! i would love to hear what is going on with you on a personal level and what you and clint are praying about.

I love you Kat!

Allison said...

Hey! I have a little fun fact for you. Matt's lil sister (Lauren)came to see us today and she was telling us about Kadesh...K3. AND GUESS WHO HER LEADER WAS?? None other than Mr. Clint Burns! :) She said she loved Clint and their group. She also said after meeting you Friday that she would have loved if you could have been a leader too. She said you are super funny and nice. Thought you'd like to know that...tell the news to Clint too!

Hud and I are headed to Kadesh tomorrow. I just could not stand not going. I called today and Chelsie said they needed one more girl leader. YAY! So we are going. I am so excited.

Have a great week!

ashley lane said...

kat i would love to come get some free corn. that sounds so good right now. also i love moose(s?) so you can mail me the picture so you don't have to keep it in the office.

Kenli Shea said...

Please do not dog on the moose, you know I love them. Just give him a chance and love him, gosh. Also, you were at Kadesh and so was I on the same night and we missed each other, that makes me very upset very upset indeed. We must talk and soon. Call me. Love ya.

Rosalyn said...

Kat if tulia wasn't so far away I would visit you every weekend and eat corn with you!