Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I know I promised the video of Clint and me in our condo's swimming pool, but I can't figure out how to post the video....sorry. If you know how to do that sort of stuff please let me know.

I know I always seem to talk about Clint or children on my blog, but I can't help talking about the things I love! Since we've come to Tulia, Clint really has become a hero. I guess I'd never really encountered him with children much before we came here, or at least with children over a period of time. Because we're the youngest couple at our church, our friends are much older than us and all have children roaming around. Here's some of my favorite stories that have happened just recently.

Clint played the main character of "The Big Kahuna," in our VBS skits about a month ago and since then he's become a legend. Kids really can't differentiate between reality and fantasy so it's easy for them to fall in love with him. About three times a week we are over at our friends Zac and Jenn's house. They have a little boy Jaxon who is 2 and Skylar who is 6 months. Jaxon has fallen in love with Clint. The other day Jaxon's dad was going to play video games and sat down in the chair Clint usually sits in. Jaxon immediately begins to scream at his daddy demanding he get out of Clint's chair! Last night while some kids at church were shooting off fire works, Jaxon got a bit scared. His mom went over to comfort him, but when she got there he pushed her off and ran for Clint! Clint loves it of course, but it's gotta be a blow to the mom.

Last week some other friends of ours were in Red River when their 3 year old Josh saw one of those sculptures of a bear. After looking up at it for sometime, Josh says..."I don't think it's as big as Clint." Then on the way home there was a tree that had fallen over in the middle of the highway. All the cars were carefully going around it, and when it was their turn Josh says, "We should call Clint to move it."

I really love that kids love Clint. Josh's dad told Clint last night that he used to be Josh's hero until Clint came around. I think this quality about Clint is just one more way in which he's like Jesus...sounds silly I know. I think though that those kids have it right on track. Our Father is loving and compassionate and can hold us when we are scared or afriad, but at the same time is powerful and majestic.

Clint has recently done some preaching here and there, and has gotten much better at speaking. We're really praying that God has that in store for us in the future. To hear Clint's most recent sermon go to and then scroll down to the bottom and click on "The Truth Shall Set you Free."

It's corn season again here in Tulia and boy is it good! Corn is one of the few good things this town has going for it!


Analee said...


I know it is kinda random that I read your blog, but ehh.

About the video, try, I know it is one more site to join, but I really like it. People can visit the link to all of your videos there or you can post them here. It is real easy too.

Hope that helps and keep up the bloggin'.


Katie said...

I miss you a ton! We have so much to talk about but about um zero time. Just wanted you to know i love and miss you!