Monday, November 20, 2006

Life is so busy. I've been here in Abilene for two weeks now, and it's so wonderful. I've got a pretty good grasp on the job so far, but there are still some things to learn. For the past two weeks I lived with a friend's mom, Jamie Truitt, and it was so fun! Yesterday I moved in with Jordan Purser and her roommate and it's going to be just as fun. It's stressful not having a place to call home, but I'm so grateful for relationships like these that I do have. Continue to pray for Clint and me as we make this transition. Our last Sunday in Tulia is Christmas Eve. It's stressful to live in two different cities, and I will be so excited when we are both in Abilene.

Sorry I've been so bad at updating this, but life is busy. Happy Thanksgiving!

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