Monday, November 20, 2006

Life is so busy. I've been here in Abilene for two weeks now, and it's so wonderful. I've got a pretty good grasp on the job so far, but there are still some things to learn. For the past two weeks I lived with a friend's mom, Jamie Truitt, and it was so fun! Yesterday I moved in with Jordan Purser and her roommate and it's going to be just as fun. It's stressful not having a place to call home, but I'm so grateful for relationships like these that I do have. Continue to pray for Clint and me as we make this transition. Our last Sunday in Tulia is Christmas Eve. It's stressful to live in two different cities, and I will be so excited when we are both in Abilene.

Sorry I've been so bad at updating this, but life is busy. Happy Thanksgiving!


Katie said...

update when you get home from FLORIDA! love you!

mrs. mayo said...

I've had fun reading through your blog - now that I know you have one! I'm so glad that God brought you and Clint to Abilene! I have truly enjoyed hanging out with you and look forward to many fun times!
My favorite part of your blog is when you started singing Siggie songs - "in your head of course." Suuuurrreee........