Sunday, April 15, 2007

Founder's Day!

Life has been a bit busy lately, therefore my blogging has not been top priority. I've worked a lot these past few weeks and it always seems I'm either in a meeting or returning phone calls. I experienced the worst part of my job thus far this past week. We decided which students would receive the "most prestigious" award at ACU this past week...the Presidential Scholars. It's my job however to call and tell the students that most of them didn't receive the scholarship. Some were silent, many cried, and all were disappointed. Those phone calls were so difficult. The Presidential process is very lengthy and competitive so I got to know the students who were going for it pretty well. I hated being the one to tell them. Good thing that only happens once a year.

This weekend Clint is gone to Dusty's wedding so I got to spend so much time with the girls. It was a blast. Friday night was filled with fun activities and then Saturday we decided to go to Abilene's Founder's Day. We walked down town despite the chilly weather, and even spent the whole day exploring historic Abilene. We all ate way too much, but it was so fun! Here are a few pictures from the day. Johnna, Brenna and Katie....those funnel cakes were sooo good! Too bad the wind caught one and it ended up in Johnna's lap!
Linds and I with our sausage on a stick!

We rode the trolley all over down town and learned so much about the history of Abilene...we're geeks, we know.

It took us about 10 shots to get one good picture at this fountain, but finally our persistence paid off! We've got our OSS Intramural party tomorrow night at Gattis, I'll post those pictures soon!

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Jenny said...

Kat, you look SO good!! Sounds like a great weekend. Miss you guys!!!