Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nothing New

Well, nothing new has been up lately so here are some pictures to hold you over. Work is still really busy, and Clint is almost finished with his first semester of school since we've been back. We're getting ready to move in about a month and I'll be glad to be settled in finally! More to come... Here's the little church that Clint and I go to every Sunday. Clint leads singing, teaches class and preaches. He's a one stop shop. It's not our ideal church, but it's great experience for us!
Here's the OSS team at our Mr. Gattis party. Coach Brenna presented all of us with awards...we're a little too excited.

Here we are again with our first place trophy! Just wait til flag football...

Darby, Linds and I participated in the ACU rodeo about two weeks ago. We were supposed to dress a goat...but we were the only team that didn't even catch one! Wait til flag football on this one too!

We had a surprise birthday party for Lindsay at the bowling alley. I absolutely love these friends and all the fun we have together. We're headed to the lake this weekend and I can't wait! Don't mind where Kaitlyn's hand is in this picture....she didn't mean to!


JENNY said...

I love that you post so many fun pictures. It sounds like you have a great group of girlfriends in Abilene. Have fun at the lake!!

Katie said...

Great pics...I forgot we took that one of us gazing at the trophy! ha!
I sooo can't wait for this weekend! YEssssss!