Sunday, May 13, 2007

More pictures!

I think I've resorted to typing less and just posting more pictures. It seems easier that way...and maybe more enjoyable for my audience. This post is way over due, but I still want to tell you about it. Last weekend we went to Leslie's in-laws lake house. It was just the 7 of us makeup, no fashion shows, no boys....just careless fun. We ate til our stomachs hurt...and then ate some more. We played truth or truth til we knew every detail about each other, and really had the best time. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in college all over again...that's ok with me. When I was back in Tulia and the idea of moving back to Abilene came up, I hate it. I was definatley against it at first, but my idea of Abilene after college was completely wrong. I'm loving it here, and these girls are extremely precious to me. These are the types of relationships we're called to. We had a strick packing list for the weekend. Everyone could only bring one bag...this was the entire lugguage for 7 girls...pretty impressive!

Leslie and I in the car...Brenna's back there too!

Me, Katie and her sunburn. I forgot my sunglasses, so I had to borrow the aviators from Lindsay....they look much better on her!

I was minding my own business, just laying out on the deck when a dang wasp came up and stung me. It hurt for about 30 minutes and then I was fine, but I did have a bit of a reaction...good thing it was only like this for a few hours!

Gotta love self timers!

Scott and Lauren graduated from ACU this weekend. They are moving to San Antonio next week to start medical school. Notice that my Wildcat is the best one...perfect form! Our 3rd anniversary is this week, so hopefully I'll post about the nice things Clint did for me...cross your fingers!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll post about the nice things you did for Clint too!?!

Katie said...

gee, i wonder who anonymous is?

umm kat i'm so glad y'all moved back. it has been good for my soul. you are so precious and i'm so thankful for our friendship! love you!

mrs. mayo said...

Love you girl!

Mom said...

Kitty - Your leg looks awful!!! Is it better now??? Hey, invite the girls for this weekend and we'll have a paint party!!! I'll buy the snacks - won't be the same as the lake but we can still have a good time. See you Friday night!

JENNY said...

What a fun weekend! I'm sorry you got such a bad sunburn!

Allison said...

HEY! We'll be in A-town for K1. I was 100% against going because I am 8 months pregnant, but we caught wind that they were in need of leaders....and Matt was dying to go. So we'll be there. Hopefully we'll catch ya at a devo sometime!!!