Sunday, May 27, 2007

A day at the ballpark

For our 3rd wedding anniversary, I suprised Clint with tickets to the Ranger vs. Redsox game in Arlington today. I loved putting the date together for us, and he was totally suprised! I was so excited to give it to him that I almost spilled the beans multiple times...but I didn't! So we drove to Arlington today and ate lunch and then enjoyed a great day at the ballpark. I haven't been to a baseball game like this since I was very little, and Clint hadn't been in a few years. We had great first base line seats and almost caught a foul ball three different times! Two of the people that did catch the foul balls were sent to the hospital for breaking their maybe it's a good thing we didn't catch them! It was quite the drama!

I was trying to get Sammy Sosa in the picture, but he wouldn't look at me...
It was raining just a bit when we got to the ballpark, but the sun finally came out and it was great weather!

See how close we were! We even won some tickets for a future game this summer....I really hope we get to go back! Overall, it was a great anniversary celebration. I loved just hanging out with Clint without books or work hanging over our heads. We're moving down the street this week, so it could be a bit busy. Can you believe it's June....where did September go?


cassie said...

How fun! I love Ranger's games...even if they always lose.

Hard to believe it's been 3 years!! Congrats and blessings on the year to come!!

JENNY said...

Happy 3 years!!! I can't believe it's already been that long. Love you guys!