Saturday, June 09, 2007

And all that Jazz

This weekend, Clint surprised me with a quick trip to Dallas to celebrate our anniversary. I knew that we were going somewhere this weekend, but I didn't know where until we got there. When I got off work on Thursday, I got into my car to find Part 1 of the Anniversary Celebration. Clint had put a change of clothes in my car along with a sweet note telling me that I had a pedicure and manicure appointment in 20 minutes. I quickly changed clothes, and was pampered for the next hour or so.

The next morning we headed out of town to Dallas. Dallas isn't a huge deal to some people....but it's always a lot of fun for us. That night Clint had a wonderful evening planned for us. After getting ready for the night, I got another sweet note telling me what to expect next. Clint took me to the restaurant that we went to on our first anniversary. It's called La Duni and it's simply wonderful.....if you live in Dallas, definitely check it out!

During dinner, I got another note with theatre tickets inside. The Broadway cast of "Chicago," was in Dallas and Clint got tickets to go see it. He actually didn't know that I have never seen the musical or even watched the movie....we even own it! So it was better than he thought....we had great seats and Lisa Rhinn was the star! You know....Lisa from Dancing with the Stars, she also played Billie in Days of our Lives back in the day! So it was definitely cool seeing her in person. After the musical we actually went back to La Duni for their outstanding desserts. I don't even want to know how many calories is in the one piece of cake I had!

Overall it was a great anniversary celebration. Clint did a wonderful job of surprising me and wooing me. Today we just hung out in Dallas and headed home this afternoon. Clint starts his summer job tomorrow as a waiter at Red Robin....he picked Red Robin because all their food comes in those baskets so he doesn't have to worry about breaking any plates!

Next week we're headed to New Hampshire with Clint's family for vacation on the lake! Have a good few weeks...


JENNY said...

That is so sweet!!! Sounds like a great anniversary. And, I LOVE La Duni. It's my absolute favorite place to eat. Glad you had a great weekend.

Allison said...

Way to go Clint!!! Sounds like soo much fun!!! So glad you were pampered and loved on!!!

Chelsie said...

What a wonderful surprise!! Glad you were able to do that- nothing like get pampered!

Kristen said...

So fun! Clint did a great job! :)
Have fun on your vacation!