Sunday, October 14, 2007

This past Saturday was Clint's 26th birthday! We celebrated by going to Amarillo for the weekend so that our parents could spoil us. We enjoyed some great meals and it's always comforting being with our parents. My birthday is next month so we both were treated with gifts and good wishes. This is the first time in my life, that I really have felt a difference in age. At dinner with Clint's parents we figured out that Clint and I had celebrated 9 birthdays together....crazy! I mean, sure we're not that old....but we just feel different. Anyone get it?

So in honor of Clint's birthday here are a few things I love about him:

*I love his height. Sometimes I forget how tall he really is, but think about it...I never lose him in a crowd, I never feel scared when he's around and, kids make the funniest faces and say the funniest things about how big he is. But I also love how he doesn't make a huge deal out of it either. Anytime we're on an airplane and the person in front of him leans their seat back, I'm always like..."you want me to tell them how long your legs are?" He never wants to inconvenience anyone over it.

*I love how passionate he is about being a minister. He studies hours on end every single week and it's inspiring how much he wants to take in. He's preaching at a nine member congregation 40 miles from our house....who does that and loves it as much as he does? I asked him last week how long he plans to preach at Cottonwood and he said, "until they don't want me, or until I can't learn any more from them." I get frustrated at times because it's out of my comfort zone, and just not the most fun to drive out there every week....but he is constant...constantly learning and constantly loving on those people.

*I love how he is always striving to be better. His mom asked him at dinner the other night what his one wish would be for his birthday. He said that he just wants to get better...better at being a husband, better at being a brother, better at being a son, better at being a student, better at being a minister...just better at life. Can't get much better than that!

Those are just a few things that I love about him...I'll stop bragging now. We did get to make a stop in Tulia while we were in the area. We LOVED seeing everyone and felt so encouraged by the church family there. Life in Tulia was so simple and Clint and I do miss that at times. Nobody has moved into our old house and the bottle of antifreeze I left on the front porch a year ago was still there. There's a sign on the side of the road as you're going into Tulia that says, "The richest land and the finest people." It's funny, but in actuality, it's right on target.


cassie said...

We must have started dating our hubbies around the same time because Austin and I have celebrated 9 years of birthdays together too...

I love your post about Clint! What a perfect match the two of you are!!

Liss and MOMMY said...

I know weird things like that are happening to Cody and I. We will be together for half of lifes in a couple of years. We have been together for 15 Valentines. Crazy!
It was really good to see y'all this weekend. Wish we had more time to talk and catch up.
Love, Melissa