Thursday, September 20, 2007

Long blog

Ok, so I'm back...for now at least. Everytime I sit down to blog, I just can't think of what to say. Life has been busy, a good busy though. Clint is in the full swing of classes. He's taking 12 hours which is a full load for grad students. He's also the TA for two different classes, and he's still preaching. Work never quits for me....I sometimes feel that it's all I do. Of course, it's not all I do, but all I think about at times. I really need to break that habit!

In my 100 things about me I said that I secretly want to live in Abilene the rest of my life. I really just think I want to live in Abilene with all the same people for the rest of my life too....who's in? It was a year ago that Clint and I were thinking about moving back to Abilene....time sure has flown.

Brenna, Johnna, Linds and I went to the Fair the other night. Linds and I were particularly interested in how to eat healthy at the fair. We read in the Abilene Reporter News that these are the things you could eat at the fair if you were concerned with calories: pickles (not fried),baked potato (no toppings), water, and mustard. Really? So instead, I fasted the entire day and then ate pretty much everything in sight once I got there. We stayed til it closed and I have never wanted to puke so much in my life. Linds and I with our sausage on a stick. This was our first stop followed by: aggie fries, fried pickles, dippin dots, cheesecake on a stick, and a funnel cake. Don't judge us.
This was us after going through the Fun really wasn't as fun as it looks...we just wanted a cute picture.
This random guy walked around the entire fair....and he walks around Abilene dressed like this. Again, don't judge us for taking a picture with him.
On Saturday we went to the ACU football was as fun as high school games used to be. We were too old for the student section can't tell though right?

We had our annual retreat at work this week. We worked one day and played the next. It was my first time to play paintball and although it was fun, I wouldn't insist on going again. I got away with only one bad bruise....I pretty much stayed in one place at a time. There's no way I would trust any of the guys I work with...they are hard core.

I'm about to start traveling for work again. Next week I'm off to Denver and Colorado Springs...I can't wait! Oh and I almost forgot.....we're playing flag football. The girls in Admissions and a few others are playing in the Rec leauge. We were all in different clubs in school so our team is called Sigma Gata Kai...funny huh. I'll post pics of that once I get them. We play GATA this week...get excited! That's it for now...check back in a month!


Kenli Shea said...

I really wish I could play football with you guys.

Chelsie said...

Glad everything is going well!!

Mom said...

Kitty - It's time to show off those kitchen explosion photos!

Love you!

JENNY said...

How fun! I loved your pictures and hearing about your life, Kat. Paintballing is scary! love you!

Allison said...

So fun! Nothing beats the fair and fair food!!!