Sunday, August 19, 2007

Well....summer is pretty much officially over. All of the freshman moved in yesterday and it was so rewarding. I loved roaming the halls of Gardner and seeing what each room looked like. I woke up yesterday morning with butterflies in my stomach, the same feeling I had six years ago at this time. I just want that same experience for all these students...the one that I had at ACU. Welcome Week kicks off this week so it will be fun to see each one of them here actually on campus. I can't wait!

Last night the beautiful Katie Brophy got married! Her wedding was so fun, and of course she was a stunning bride. I didn't get too many pictures, but here are some that I did get. The other pictures are just some fun ones over the summer. I really can't believe it's time for school to start again. I'm ready for the Fall to get's my favorite season!

The bride and I at her reception.

We looked good...we know.

4th of July with the girls.

Clint and I in New Hampshire.

Us in New Hampshire again.

On our anniversary in May at the Ranger game.


Chelsie said...

I am not even in Abilene and I was excited all weekend for the new freshmen moving in!! Enjoy welcome week!!

JENNY said...

I'm with Chelsie. I was so excited, too! I bet you are so good at your job. Have fun with all the new students there!

Anonymous said...

Vhey kat its kyla i cant wait to see u if u want to email me its love ya and miss ya bye *kyla*